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Perception Cuts

• Title of the work: Perception Cuts

• Dimensions: 60 X 92 cm

• Technique: Oil on canvas

• Artist: Sebastian Alejandro 

• Finished: October 26, 2023

• Place of realization: Madrid

• Present owner: Private collection, Copenhaguen

• Conceptual framework of composition:

This work presents what the author calls the fundamental figure. A mathematical construct where energetic exchanges occur that set the tone for what is humanly imaginable and possible. Likewise, the work represents the doors of perception under which we come to observe the outcomes of the fundamental figure. Doors in which we contemplate the imagination of our memories and dream about future events. In this painting, the author presents the relationship between the perception of the humanly infinite and the concrete, contained under the clouds of our understanding, our ignorance, or our ontological level of consciousness. Narrative mirror beginning into journey.


... I act ... Containned by eternety ... I contemplate ... Sheltered by ignorance ... 

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