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Transiciones 3_edited.jpg


• Title of the work: Transitions

• Dimensions: 130 X 89 cm

• Technique: Oil on canvas

• Artist: Sebastian Alejandro (

• Finished: August 18, 2023

• Place of realization: Madrid

• Present owner: Private collection, San Francisco

• Conceptual framework of composition:

This work is one of the projections of a narrative that seeks to recover the context of life in time. “Transitions” is a map for its audience to get lost and, being adrift, take the time to contemplate the present. A sigh that fades as the transitions of what could have been and what could be are found.

“Que acaso no somos eso…

Navegantes en la ilusión de este sinsentido.

Surcando horizontes de emoción.

Navegantes contemplando suspiros.

En la presente transición.”


Puzzle 500 Pieces


Transiciones 3_edited.jpg

Poster 61 X 92 cm




 Weekend Tote


 Weekend Tote

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