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Each canvas and piece of sculpture is the result of a creative expedition into each artist’s mind and spirit. How can their works thoughts and feelings be best communicated to their audiences? My answer led me to design a series of companions which provide the freedom and creativity to become what I feel are the most effective communication companions. From the abyss of static emptiness and a single perspective, they provide the opportunity to precipitate a dynamic range of colours and multiple perspectives in our imagination. These companions not only communicate but also assisted me in the creation of my own pieces of art to design and express my own dreams.


Those who have had the opportunity to contemplate their designs and functions named them Mantis and Acrobat, creatures that surge to life by contorting and presenting a multitude of opportunities to express colours, perspectives, and emotions. Mantis and Acrobata are assistants who wrap themselves around canvas and sculptures to accompany the artist’s creative journey and impact on audiences. Mantis unfolds and bathes in light, blending in with its surroundings, dressing in the colours. Acrobat provides all degrees of freedom in the movement of a solid object.


The choices, and dreams, are yours.



The Acrobat is another assistant that holds all kinds of tools to facilitate and complement all creative processes. He is also the main actor in the virtual gallery (VOID Gallery) on the web3. In our reality he has been used to support projectors and speakers that together with the Mantis create a total Art experience for the audience.

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