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Sebastian Alejandro

Life and career


Sebastian Alejando was born in Mexico City in 1993. He graduated as an Electrical Mechanical Engineer in Mexico at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiors de Monterrey (ITESM). During his undergraduate studies he complimented his engineering education at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Budapest.  He also graduated as a Master in Disaster Management Administration in Denmark at the Københavns Universitet (KU). From a very young age he studied and classical duel fencing at the Asociación Mexicana de Esgrima Antigua. Over time he has taught and practiced this art in Hungary, Canada, Denmark and England.

Sebastian started his artistic career afar from an academical conventional trajectory. Painting and wood carving have ever been present in his life throught the education of his familly. He decided to pursue an engineering career to search and build the concepts and tools to convey his art through his own way.

His art is a collection of languages to celebrate reality and convey messages across generations. Each painting is a map of experiences leading to the next. Gateways to discover and value the beauty of reality and the human experience.


Sebastian Alejandro in Madrid 2023


On going projects

Beyond Horizons III. 2020. Ink on paper. 18X 25 cm.png








The Movement 



The Mission is simple and its complexity lies in its execution of thought and form. RE-return on the path that humanity has traveled. RE-remember our origin and seek to RE-link with it. In the process RE-value who we are and what we have. To RE-invent our Future by RE-taking our Past and thus RE-living our Present.


Within the little we know, humanity has traveled more than twelve thousand years of recorded history and three hundred and fifteen thousand years as a species on this planet. In that time we have gone through a series of stages marked by strong energy exchanges that have been reflected in how we have modified our way of living and the environment we inhabit. The human eras can be seen Re-flected by the evolution of our vehicles of expression, Art. We Retrorenaissance believe that we have reached a saturation point in the way we advance as humanity. That in order to continue advancing, it is time to Go Back on everything we have learned as a species. Retro-Renaissance artists are artists who, from various fronts of human knowledge, seek to re-explore everything that makes us human, retracing our creative steps, re-taking the teachings of each historical stage of human learning and re-living it by synthesizing it in our work in the context of the present. The Retro-Renaissance works can be read individually, but they make more sense in their narrative by complementing each other. A dialogue between works, times and creators. The Retrorenaissance vision is to act in the present to leave a message to future generations using total art as a vehicle, in order to continue advancing as a species in harmony with everything that surrounds us and everything we create.

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